SURVIVAL DEFENSE exists for one reason - to insure your safety and well-being and that of your loved ones. Through our decades of professional martial arts experience, we have accumulated a vast wealth of knowledge, skills, expertise and wisdom to help you be safe in an unsafe and predatory world. Calling this a predatory world may seem unkind, but it is the truth, and where there is truth there is kindness. Your life, as well as those of your loved ones, is valuable. It is worth defending and protecting. Sharing ideas and information with you to achieve this end is our mission and purpose.

SURVIVAL DEFENSE philosophy cuts right to the core of what works and what doesn't work in a self-defense situation. You don't have to be a Black Belt to be able to defend yourself. You just need to know the right things to do - things that are quick, powerful, effective and then execute them with focus and commitment. Our curriculum is not about negotiation but protection. As the famed Sir Winston Churchill said, "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last." We are not in the business of appeasing predators or feeding crocodiles. We are in the business of protecting you from them in varying levels - from overpowering their minds to overpowering or incapacitating their bodies, if necessary. Please know we do not believe in preying on others, but we do unequivocally believe in keeping them from preying on us.

SURVIVAL DEFENSE offers diverse programs which can be tailored to your needs. If you are an individual needing specific training, a female living alone, an executive on the move or a group, organization or corporation, we can help you and/or those in your care or employ to learn to be safe by giving you the self-defense competence to be confident. Contact us. We're here to help.

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